The 94th Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America has ended
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Saturday, March 9

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Session VI.01 - The West’s Medieval Experience in World History Perspective Class of 1978 Orrery Pavilion (Room 602), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibrarySusan Mosher Stuard • Patrick Geary • Benjamin Z. Kedar • Merry Wiesner-Hanks Session VI.02 - The Liber ordinarius of Nivelles: Piety and Politics under the Aegis of St. Gertrude Room 625/626, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryJeffrey Hamburger • Felicitas Schmieder • Margot Fassler • Jeffrey Hamburger • Eva Schlotheuber Session VI.03 - K-12 Committee Special Session: Making the Middle Ages Visible and Viable across the K-12 Curriculum Room 141, Fisher-Bennett HallStewart Thomsen • Kisha G. Tracy • Kisha G. Tracy • Melissa Ridley Elmes • Mia (Marie) Grogan • Stewart Thomsen • Reid Weber Session VI.04 - Sciences of Nonmodernity, Now: A Round of Lightning Talks Class of 1955 Conference Room (Room 241), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryJulie Orlemanski • Shireen Hamza • Jack Hartnell • Darin Hayton • Michelle Karnes • Lan A. Li • Elly R. Truitt Session VI.05 - Words and Music Room 101, Lerner CenterMary Channen Caldwell • Emily Kesling • Monika Otter • Catherine Saucier Session VI.06 - Byzantine Art as a Global Endeavor Meyerson Conference Center (Room 223), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryCecily Hilsdale • Alicia Walker • Alexander Brey • John Lansdowne • Meseret Oldjira • Alice Isabella Sullivan Session VI.07 - What Do Iberianists Have to Say about Race? (Roundtable) Room 401, Fisher-Bennett HallMaya Soifer Irish • Ross Brann • Hussein Fancy • Nicholas R. Jones • Pamela A. Patton • S. J. Pearce • Sonia R. Zakrzewski Session VI.08 - Law, Religion, and Interfaith Encounters Room 419, Fisher-Bennett HallKarl Shoemaker • Marcia L. Colish • Micha J. Perry • Kirsty Schut Session VI.09 - Myth in the Writing of History Room 627, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryPaul M. Cobb • David W. Burchmore • Anne Latowsky • Emma Snowden Session VI.10 - Medievalism and Nationalism Room 231, Fisher-Bennett HallAda Maria Kuskowski • Apala Das (canceled) • Katharine K. Olson • Frederick S. Paxton Workshop IV - Digital Mappa Workshop: Using DM 2.0 for Linked and Annotative Research, Collaboration, and Publication Vitale II Media Center (Room 623), Van Pelt LibraryMartin Foys Daily Pop-Up Exhibition in the Henry Charles Lea Library, Kislak Center Henry Charles Lea Library (Room 605), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryJudith Weston

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Session VII.01- Grammar and Mythography in Medieval Ireland and Iceland Room 141, Fisher-Bennett HallMikael Males • Emily Kesling • Nicolai Egjar Engesland • Mikael Males • Bianca Patria Session VII.02 - The Post-Medieval Lives of Manuscripts: Tracing the Manuscript Trade and Cultural Importance in the U.S., British Isles, & Europe Room 625/626, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryEmerson Storm Fillman Richards • Laura Cleaver • Sébastien Douchet • Scott J. Gwara Session VII.03 - Inclusivity and Diversity Committee Special Session: MOC (Medievalists of Color) Graduate Students, and Race: Classes We Teach, Classes We Take Class of 1978 Orrery Pavilion (Room 602), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryAfrodesia McCannon • Uta Ayala • Claire Dillon • Mariah Junglan Min • Eduardo Ramos • Cristi Nicole Whiskey Session VII.04 - The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations Meyerson Conference Center (Room 223), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryAd Putter • Elizabeth Tyler • Moreed Arbabzadah • Kathleen E. Kennedy • Ad Putter Session VII.05 - Literary Adaptations, Appropriations, and Interruptions Room 101, Lerner CenterWendy Pfeffer • Lisandra Costiner • Daisy Delogu • Gabriel Ford • Kara Gaston Session VII.06 - European, Mediterranean: Reframing the Iberian Middle Ages Room 401, Fisher-Bennett HallMichelle M. Hamilton • Montserrat Piera • Michelle M. Hamilton • Nasser Meerkhan • Núria Silleras-Fernández Session VII.07 - Medievals’ World View Room 231, Fisher-Bennett HallChristian Raffensperger • Paul Milliman • Lucy K. Pick • Inés Garcia de la Puente Session VII.08 - Foods, Drugs, and Spices: Geographies and Networks Class of 1955 Conference Room (Room 241), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryElly R. Truitt • Winston Black (canceled) • Xavier Dectot • Li Parrent • Katie Peebles Session VII.09 - Women’s Monastic Communities Room 627, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryAnne E. Lester • Katie Bugyis • Patricia Stoop • Michelle Urberg Session VII.10 - Material Objects: Tents, Gifts, Luxury Room 419, Fisher-Bennett HallWilliam Noel • Lydia Yaitsky Kertz • Elizabeth Lapina • Xin Wen Workshop V - Early Printed Books for Medievalists Vitale II Media Center (Room 623), Van Pelt LibraryMegan Cook

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