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Friday, March 8

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Session III.01 - Relations in Time: Jews, Christians, and Temporalities in Late Medieval Europe Class of 1955 Conference Room (Room 241), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryMatthew S. Champion • Miri Rubin • Sara Lipton • Matthew S. Champion • Miri Rubin • Milan Žonca Session III.02 - Digitization of Manuscripts and Manuscript Cataloguing Room 625/626, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryMatthew James Driscoll • Katarzyna Anna Kapitan • Seán Vrieland • N. Kıvılcım Yavuz Session III.03 - Teaching the Global Middle Ages (Roundtable) Class of 1978 Orrery Pavilion (Room 602), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryGeraldine Heng • Susan Noakes • Lars Christenson • Kristen Collins • Gabriela Currie • Bryan C. Keene • Roger Martinez-Davila • Asa Mittman • Karen Pinto • Rachel Schine Session III.04 - Constructs and Misconstructs: Disciplines and their Methodologies Meyerson Conference Center (Room 223), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryPaul J. Patterson • Rabia Gregory • Wendy Scase • Grant Schrama • Susanna A. Throop Session III.05 - Global Lyric, Medieval/Modern Room 231, Fisher-Bennett HallMarisa Galvez • Bruce Holsinger • Huda Fakhreddine • Dominic Parviz Brookshaw • Marisa Galvez • Bruce Holsinger Session III.06 - The Greek East and the Latin West Room 101, Lerner CenterStavroula Constantinou • Marina S. Brownlee • Hannah Ewing • Georgios Theotokis Session III.07 - Penance, Punishment, and Peacemaking across Medieval Laws Room 627, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryAnders Winroth • John Burden • A. H. Gaastra • Atria A. Larson Session III.08 - Adventures in Global Comparison Room 401, Fisher-Bennett HallWalter Pohl • Helmut Reimitz • Walter Pohl • Ana Rodriguez • Naomi Standen Session III.09 - Genius and Originality in Medieval Literature and Art: The Undiscovered Artist and Poet Room 419, Fisher-Bennett HallC. Stephen Jaeger • Lawrence Nees • Lawrence Nees • Charles Barber • Jacqueline Jung • Racha Kirakosian Session III.10 - Wider and Flatter: The Movement of People to the "Margins" of Europe from the Tenth to the Twelfth Centuries Room 141, Fisher-Bennett HallErin J. Jordan • Amy Livingstone • Erin J. Jordan • Christian Raffensperger • Laura Wangerin Workshop II - Using Textual Communities with Medieval Texts Vitale II Media Center (Room 623), Van Pelt LibraryPeter Robinson Daily Pop-Up Exhibition in the Henry Charles Lea Library, Kislak Center Henry Charles Lea Library (Room 605), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryAylin Malcolm

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Session IV.01 - New Capitals in a Newly Developing Region (14th -15th Centuries) Room 231, Fisher-Bennett HallBalázs Nagy • Eva Schlotheuber • David Mengel • Balázs Nagy • Zoë Opačić • Sébastien Rossignol Session IV.02 - Digitizing the Global Middle Ages: DH Projects Lightning Round & Interactive Demonstrations Class of 1978 Orrery Pavilion (Room 602), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryLynn Ransom • Toby Burrows • Charlotte Denoël • Adam Franklin-Lyons • James B. Harr, III • Matthew Z. Heintzelman • Lara Howerton • Kathryn Jasper • S. C. Kaplan • Aaron Macks • Isabella Magni • Steven Teasdale • Kisha G. Tracy • Sarah Wilma Watson • Joseph Williams • Mimi Zhou Session IV.03 - Gender and Medical Sciences in the Medieval World (Lightning Talks & Discussion) Class of 1955 Conference Room (Room 241), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryMelissa Ridley Elmes • Shireen Hamza • Emma Lloyd • Julie Orlemanski • Eve Salisbury • Sara Verskin • Monica Green • Sara Ritchey Session IV.04 - Dante’s Life and His "Other" Works (CANCELED) Room 141, Fisher-Bennett HallKevin Brownlee • Jonathan Combs-Schilling • Mario Sassi Session IV.05 - Heavenly Bodies Reconsidered: Medieval Textiles and Medievalism’s Fabrications (Roundtable) Meyerson Conference Center (Room 223), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryAnne E. Lester • Sarah Spence • Jacqueline Jung • Maria J. Feliciano • Valerie Garver • Jeffrey Hamburger • Maureen C. Miller • Warren Woodfin Session IV.06 - Legal Writing: Justice, Criminal Intent, Warfare, Customs Room 419, Fisher-Bennett HallEmily Steiner • Kaylin O’Dell • Andrew Rabin • Kathleen Smith Session IV.07 - Cultures of Latin from Antiquity to the Middle Ages Room 101, Lerner CenterCatherine Conybeare • Clifford Ando • Joseph Farrell • David Townsend Session IV.08 - Continental Connections in the Historiography of the Irish Sea Region Room 627, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryLindy Brady • Maud Burnett McInerney • Lindy Brady • Marios Costambeys • Patrick Wadden Session IV.09 - Medieval Ethiopian Christian Culture in Comparative Perspective Room 625/626, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibrarySamantha Kelly • Wendy Belcher • Steve Delamarter • Habtemichael Kidane Session IV.10 - Global Middle Ages as Discipline Room 401, Fisher-Bennett HallNancy S. Steinhardt • Elina Gertsman • Carissa M. Harris • Sonya Mace • Sarah McNamer Workshop III - Feeling Anti-Racist Whiteness in Medieval Studies Vitale II Media Center (Room 623), Van Pelt LibraryCarla María Thomas • Joy Ambler

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Session V.01 - "Early Capitals?" Seats of Power in a Comparative Perspective (8th-13th Centuries) Room 231, Fisher-Bennett HallKatalin Szende • Patrick Geary • Maaike van Berkel • Don Ostrowski • Katalin Szende Session V.02 - Manuscripts: Holes, Rotuli, Documentary Revolution Meyerson Conference Center (Room 223), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryPaul J. Patterson • Thomas Forrest Kelly • Dominic Marner • Maureen C. Miller Session V.03 - Graduate Student Committee Special Session: Handling Issues of Inclusivity and Respect in the Medieval Studies Classroom as an Ally: Classes We Teach, Classes We Take (Roundtable) Class of 1978 Orrery Pavilion (Room 602), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryTheodore Chelis • Theodore Chelis • Nahir I. Otaño Gracia • Peter Baker • Melissa Heide • Rebecca Hill • Tirumular “Drew” Narayanan • Leila K. Norako • Karl T. Steel Session V.04 - Latinization and Christianization of Medical Knowledge in Iberia, 13th-15th Centuries Room 401, Fisher-Bennett HallJessica A. Boon • Naama Cohen-Hanegbi • E. Ann Matter • Jessica A. Boon • Naama Cohen-Hanegbi • Michael McVaugh Session V.05 - The Commedia: Text and Responses Room 141, Fisher-Bennett HallKevin Brownlee • Kevin Brownlee • Kristina Olson • Mario Sassi Session V.06 - Theorizing Tyranny, Power, and War Room 419, Fisher-Bennett HallEva Del Soldato • Daniel Davies • Cary J. Nederman • Samantha Summers Session V.07 - Fictions, Forgeries, and Deceit in the Global Middle Ages Room 101, Lerner CenterMichael A. Ryan • Carol Symes • Paula R. Curtis • Michael A. Ryan Session V.08 - Myths of Origin: from Mythologies to Etymologies Room 627, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryJamie Taylor • Maud Burnett McInerney • Wendy Pfeffer • Caitlin G. Watt Session V.09 - Plague as a Pan-Eurasian Phenomenon: Same Disease, Differing Mortalities Class of 1955 Conference Room (Room 241), Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryMonica Green • Nükhet Varlık • Christopher P. Atwood • Monica Green • Joris Roosen Session V.10 - Ars/Arts: Intersections across Disciplines and Borders Room 625/626, Kislak Center, Van Pelt LibraryNicholas Herman • Shirin Khanmohamadi • James R. Neal • Vera-Simone Schulz

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